The key to our success is to provide quality service. We work onsite with you and your executives to improve how you do business. We provide management consulting services that meet your unique needs and leverage your company's strength.

Typically, our services are broken out into several groups depending on your needs.

Consolidations & Acquisitions

We work with owners of both targeted and acquiring companies to determine value, calculate financial feasibility, facilitate the sale/acquisition process, and ensure implementation of agreed upon sales programs and customer service levels for beverage wholesalers. This could include several critical activities.

  • Financial Modeling (i.e. pro forma P&L for new consolidated company, economic impact assessments).
  • Valuation of Companies and/or Brands.
  • Negotiations of Pricing and Conditions of Sale.
  • Organization Design /Staffing.
  • Sizing Facilities.
  • Evaluating Workflow.
  • Developing New Operational Criteria and Methods.
  • Management Training.
  • Working with Accounting and Legal Professionals.

Business Projects

The key to our success is providing quality service.

As part of moving forward, you and your staff will be addressing some tough issues. The need in the marketplace for effective service continues to drive new ways of organizing and thinking for many beverage suppliers and wholesalers. Our beverage industry consulting experience includes projects targeting improving customer service, distributor profitability and how supply-chain vendors can grow their business on a national, state and local level.

Based upon your unique needs and requirements, we provide a project proposal detailing the needed strategies and action plans that should be considered. The project proposal identifies opportunities and recommends activities to provide value-added service.

We meet with you and key members of your management group to discuss your requirements and needs. We strive to be as effective as possible in working with you and your management team in determining how we fit into the change process by evaluating your current service systems and capabilities of your staff.

    • Business Planning

      We meet with key executives to develop a shared company vision, create a seamless organization, identify systems implications and identify alternate strategies to leverage your unique company values.This process includes:

      • Executive Coaching - We provide both group and individual teaching and training on collaboration, priority management, thinking together and dialoging.

      • Institutional Planning - We work with management in the formal planning process of developing and revising company objectives, strategies and action plans for Sales, Operations and Administration.

      • Creative Planning - We work with management in the creative planning process. This process includes developing the company's vision, values, service policy and organization while addressing issues relating to financial performance, vendors, chain management and execution, span of control and management's new role.

      • Customer Service Systems - We work with management to identify improvement opportunities for the entire customer service function including distributor network communications, information flow, transportation, order handling and billing, and sales services by market segment, by distribution channel and by segment.

    • Company Review

      The purpose of the company review is to provide you with a working document upon which future activities are based. The underlying assumption is that you need to look at all the issues. We determine, with you, how we fit into the change process by evaluating your current service systems and capabilities of your staff. This process includes describing the business by identifying areas of overall strength and needed improvements.

      We review several key strategic areas. These include:

      • Your company's organization structure.
      • Customer service.
      • Employee productivity.
      • Communications.
      • Compensation plans.
      • Management Reporting.
      • Profitability.

      The review process consists of interviewing key people within your organization and discussing such items as service policy, buying patterns, trade execution, compensation, turnover and general work flow.

      The result of the company review includes:

      • Identifying the causes of any current operating problems.
      • Analyzing how problems are affecting your company and hindering your ability to meet goals.
      • Determining the order of magnitude of your underlying strategic challenges.
      • Developing practical recommendations that will allow you to leverage your company's resources.
      • Reviewing future plans including defining our role in assisting your organization and developing a company plan.

    • Organization Design & Staffing

      Many systems design issues are dependent on who you are and what you want. One of the biggest errors of modern management is the belief that improvements in parts of the system will improve how the total system works. You need to focus on what the total system-wide implications are of each phase of your business.

      We help and guide upper management through the organization planning process. This organizational planning process provides the framework to reach your goals and improve profitability through better management and communication. The organizational planning process helps everyone buy-in to changes and improvements.

      We work with you and your management team to develop an organization and system that can provide the needed flexibility to meet your unique, ever-changing market conditions. We work with you and your management team to develop and define sales management staffing needs and reporting systems requirements.

    • Business Systems

      We provide an objective, comprehensive and in-depth analysis of your current information systems, management reporting and automation needs. We identify available options regarding current technology hardware, systems design, software and communications.

      Our goal is to educate, inform and assist our distributor and supply-chain clients about the level of support, vendor capabilities and software functionality, before they commit significant resources.

      We guide you and your management team in determining both general and specific systems requirements and attributes. We profile current system deficiencies and specify the desired system requirements. These systems requirements include data management, job function, processing, communications, analysis and reporting features.

      We work with you and your management team to provide an objective analysis of your current business systems by:

      • Identifying current system strengths, weaknesses and issues.
      • Making recommendations on an ideal system.

      1. Explaining selection of platform, software vendors and usage
      2. Providing estimates of total systems costs
      3. Explaining the need for vertical software
      4. Describing ideal vendor capabilities
      5. Providing opportunity cost estimates regarding major dysfunction in all key operating areas

      • Proposing a best-case strategy regarding use of personnel, consultants and vendors.
      • Developing an implementation schedule.
      • Identifying organizational changes needed for success.

    • Compensation

      We work with you and your executive staff to develop performance-based compensation plans for key management and staff for Sales, Operations and Administration to motivate and make jobs more desirable. These plans include determining the compensation make-up and establishing how much base, commission, incentive or bonus is appropriate by position.


Implementation, Training and Documentation

We provide ongoing program support by working with you and your management team to implement all program elements to your satisfaction. This includes reviewing and revising company planning, redefining operations work flows, debugging systems, developing new policies and procedures, revising work standards, monitoring compensation and performance criteria, visiting the field, assisting in negotiations and following up with management personnel to ensure program integrity.

All management personnel will receive appropriate training in the use of related plans and systems. All systems, forms and procedures developed as part of the program, will be documented in a manual.

We respect the intellectual property rights of our clients, other consulting firms and sole practitioners and will not use proprietary information or methodologies without permission.





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