About the Principal

Stephen Cook founded GLCA in 1993. Our consulting activities are well grounded in beverage wholesaler operations and sales. We expanded our activities from beverage distribution management to include beverage supply-chain management because of some fundamentals - beverage distributors and suppliers goals are virtually the same - "give the customer what they want, when they want it."

"Raising the bar" is a more complicated process for today's wholesalers and suppliers. Our client's success continues to rely on how capable they are at transforming their companies to meet the ever-changing market needs. We have achieved our successes by working with our distributors and suppliers in helping them gain competitive advantages, develop growth capacity and improve profitability by focusing on customer service.

Stephen is one of the top experts in the beverage distribution field. Stephen has over 30 years of beverage industry expertise including 28 years of providing management consulting services to over 50 beverage industry clients and 6 years as the general manager for 2 metropolitan distributors.

Stephen's general business qualifications are comprised of experience in various management assignments including department management, venture startups, project management, corporate business development and general manager.

Stephen is a member of the Institute of Management Consultants and is recognized by the Institute's designation of CMC (Certified Management Consultant). His other association memberships include the National Beer Wholesalers Association and his formal education includes: MBA - Finance and Accounting from Regis University, Denver, Colo.; and BS - Industrial Engineering Tech, University of Dayton, Ohio.





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